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Creating a buzz around pizza, boosting brand
and design.

PizzaBuzz is a vibrant and busy restaurant located in the bustling streets of Shoreditch.

The enthusiasm for what they do shines through but the owners had been unable to translate that cohesively to their customers so asked us to give their business a rebrand and a solid identity.



The Process

We sat down with the owners and asked them exactly who they were trying to target. We found out about the business’s history, what makes it tick and looked at how it is different to its competitors in order to devise a strategy for getting the PizzaBuzz name out there. 

We have worked very closely with the team ensuring their social media channels and any promotional material is consistent throughout.The restaurant takes part in monthly photoshoots to generate content for its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

Their food is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach so good visuals are key in promoting the PizzaBuzz brand.

Blog management plays an important part in communicating what PizzaBuzz does and every month we provide editorial which is either seasonal, topical or provides more background about how the restaurant works.

We want PizzaBuzz to be at the forefront of the customers’ mind when it comes to choosing a place to eat.



+ Outputs

Art Direction
Campaign Visual Production
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Tone of Voice

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