The Future of Feminine - Leadership Retreat

Leadership has been defined in masculine terms for millennia and now more than ever there is a definite need for another style that better embraces femininity, society and the environment. By highlighting and celebrating our feminine attributes, and learning to balance the different qualities of both masculine and feminine leadership, we can forge an exciting new path for the future of all leaders.

This June, Our very own Sarah is delighted to be involved in a ground-breaking series of events where an inspirational circle of women will be coming together to explore an integrated and holistic approach to feminine leadership. She has joined with a team of dynamic facilitators in the field of business and personal transformation to create an international women’s leadership retreat which will encompass transformational ideas about personal identity, self-care, spiritual health, connections to nature, and systemic change.

Located in the truly breath-taking surroundings of the Etruscan hills in Italy, the retreat will offer leadership coaching, mentoring, and whole-person development through spiritual, emotional and physical activities such as 5Rhythms Dance and Self-Awakening Yoga. They will be reconnecting with the environment through visiting natural sites, learning about and eating locally grown produce, and will be participating in an empowering Shakti circle.

Providing the tools and strategies for innovative and effective leadership, together with self-knowledge and invaluable connections, the retreat promises each woman her own Womanifesto, or personal guide to success. They will also be creating a collective Womanifesto – an all encompassing guide to womanhood and leadership in the 21st century.

Sarah is thrilled to be a creative partner in such a forward-thinking project and will be leading the social media marketing and visual content creation for the organisation. Meet the rest of the team - Daniela Plattner, Schuyler Brown, Nilima Bhat, Erica Dorn, Alexi Transparent and Sarah Reifschneider,  Muriel Murphy. They are an amazing bunch of women with a collective wealth of wisdom and experience.