Brand Storytelling – Separating the fact from the fiction


Stories have been at the centre of human communication since prehistoric man started painting caves. The act of telling and listening to stories elicits understanding, emotional response in the brain and ultimately facilitates connections and trust between people.

As such – a story can be a powerful tool for businesses to engage with and inspire loyalty in their customers. ‘Brand storytelling’ is a hot marketing trend – but what does it actually mean and how do we go about doing it?

Storytelling, in a business context, is not the process of creating a cracking good fairy tale – it’s actually the opposite.  It reveals the truth of what your business is about – its background, its ethos, its people and its products - through identifying and communicating a consistent authentic narrative. Of course, all marketing and advertising can ‘enhance’ that story, but for a business, the essence of your story should be real, human, unique in some way, customer-focused and relatable. That is ‘why’ your business exists. That is your brand.

Identifying and communicating the ‘why’ can be tricky. Your ‘why’ needs to be more attention- grabbing and compelling than your competitors’ after all!  At Jones & Bone, we specialise in helping businesses identify and express their core values through a careful, collaborative process:

Exploring your business..

- We explore the foundation of your business – its background, people and values
- We develop this narrative further
- We clarify your vision, mission and growth strategy
- We then create a strategy for telling this story

Creating the visuals..

- We help you create a beautiful and cohesive visual story based on your brand identity
- We design and implement a compelling visual strategy through the use of brand colours, style, imagery and emotion
- We set your brand visually apart from your competitors

Telling the story..

- We put the brand narrative into a storytelling plan of action
- We communicate your story across print mediums and digital platforms through design, photography, content creation and curation
- We keep your story fresh and engaging through social and web content calendar management and the regular production of on-brand visuals

The notion of ‘brand storytelling’ can seem daunting to young businesses, especially when there is so much other important work to be doing in getting your products or services off the ground. Making that real, human and enduring connection with your customers is key for your business growth though, so it’s definitely worth putting in the effort. 

Now, if we’re all sitting comfortably, let’s begin!