The Helmer Brand Book


Jones & Bone have had the pleasure of delving into the very heart of the Helmer brand in order to create a set of brand guidelines for the luxury accessories. The constant search
for cultural novelty is the cornerstone for creating the collection, with each piece drawing
on influence and inspiration from the various cultures and countries the girls have visited.
We have collaboratively created a set of key values that the brands foundations are
based upon. These values make up a part of the Helmer Brand book, a bible by which
the brand will live by.

The Brand book is at the heart of every well-established brand, helping to bring structure
and direction. Jones & Bone have built a strong base from witch the Helmer brand can
thrive. The stunning collection has been brought to life, establishing a consistent Tone
of Voice that encapsulates the ladies strong, vibrant personalities. The Brand book has
a clear Art Direction for the brand across editorial, social and campaign.

It establishes clear guildlines for the Helmer logo and how this was developed,
along side the colour pallete and product merchandising.