Why Responsive Web Design is Key for E-commerce

It’s no surprise that the internet retail market is growing year on year. The convenience factor, faster website loading times, better site navigation and improving delivery options are now making online shopping irresistible for many us. In fact, a whopping 43 million Brits shopped online in 2015 alone. (Source: UK B2C e-commerce report 2016) . What’s more, as mobile device usage for internet access increases, so too does the amount of shopping we are doing on our smartphones and tablets rather than our desktops. Even though conversion rates are still higher on desktops, evidence shows that more and more of us are using multiple devices to research and browse consumer goods and brands before buying. The message to retailers then is loud and clear; we want to be able to shop wherever, however, and whenever, we like.

This is great news for online retailers but presents some interesting technical and marketing challenges.  Your website needs to be attractive, functional and user-friendly for both desktop and mobile users. It’s now vital to include the option of mobile shopping as an integral part of your online retail experience, or you will risk losing valuable custom. Research by Google has shown that 64% of users are likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t optimised and that 40% of them will then visit a competitor website. This is why responsive web design is now crucial for success in online retail.

A responsive web design allows your website to automatically reformat depending on the device being used. The structure and content of your site will not change, whether you are viewing it on your desktop, a tablet or smartphone – it will expand or retract as necessary. Offering a seamless and consistent shopper experience across devices is the way to keep your customers happy and engaged. They want to be able to view the same website, the same way across all their devices. And it turns out what’s good for your customers, and good for your business, is good for your SEO. Having just one URL and set of pages makes crawling and indexing more efficient for search engines. Giving customers a consistently good user experience keeps bounce rates low, which again, will improve your search engine ranking. 

At Jones & Bone, responsive web design is fundamental to the work we do for brands. We see the future of online retail as being inextricably linked with increasing mobile device usage and we are embracing that. Our work for handbag and accessories brand Helmer (www.hel-mer.com) shows how a website design can work seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices to provide a consistent and enjoyable consumer experience. 

If you would like to know more about responsive web design and how we can help you with mobile commerce, do get in touch for a chat and a coffee.