Wake The Fork Up with Farmer J

Sometimes it’s not enough having a fantastic product and a great message;  you still need to get that message through to your audience amongst all the other marketing noise. That’s where Jones & Bone come in.

Farmer J, a new restaurant in Leadenhall Street, is already successfully bringing carefully -sourced, healthy fast lunches to the City, but wanted to increase uptake on their fabulous breakfast options. We collaborated to devise a ‘Wake The Fork Up’ to get a free coffee with every breakfast promotion, and designed a whole range of eye-catching visual assets and POS items, from flyers, to A Boards to reel those breakfast customers in. Having seen a massive increase in breakfast trade across the promotion’s run in September, Farmer J has now asked us to undertake a redesign of their menus and come up with a new soup promotion for the autumn.

Message received loud and clear!