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Structuring the brand story.

Inspired by the family’s travels around the world, Helmer is
a creative intermediary bringing beautiful handbags and
accessories to customers worldwide.

Classy, established accessories company seeks strong
brand structure and visual consistency.

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Helmer already had an established culture and character when they came to us, what we needed to do was to identify what were its key elements in order to create the structure for the visual telling of their brand story. With this is mind, we collaborated with the client to define
a set of four core values. These would form the foundation of the brand and provide focal points around which to weave the brand narrative.

We went on to design a new logo, colour palette and typeface to give
the brand a more luxury feel, in keeping with its style. The new brand book ensures consistency and clear art direction across all brand assets and communications, including digital platforms. We also undertook a complete redesign of their e-commerce website to give a responsive and consistent branded shopping experience across
all mobile and desktop devices.


Social Content

Helmer were lacking purposeful content to support their brand story, so we devised a strategy to produce regular high-quality bespoke visuals for their blog and social media channels. With monthly photoshoots, we are able to convey their on-going story vibrantly, reflecting the energy and honesty of the Helmer brand, whilst boosting their online presence.



“It has been great working this past year with Jones & Bone, they have helped us to bring our business to it’s full potential by providing us with creative and bespoke services. The team is not only flexible but very responsive, highly enthusiastic and professional. They have an ability to translate your vision into an actual project while taking into consideration your budget. It’s been a real pleasure working with a team who is genuinely involved and cares about you and your needs.”

Helmer - Michelle Helmer, CEO & Founder

+ Outputs

Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Website Design & Build
Creative Direction
Art Direction

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