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Branding property development.

Using the latest energy efficient building techniques and styles,
Brookstone develops and sells exclusive bespoke homes for modern living.


Selling the lifestyle – luxury property development company seeks visuals
and website.

As a relatively young venture, Brookstone wanted new printed and digital collateral to reflect their modern, high-quality and exclusive brand. We were tasked with designing a new logo, stationery and business cards, as well as carrying out a complete website design and build.



"We approached Jones & Bone to assist us with the Brookstone brand identity mainly focusing on our website.
We worked closely with them during the process which worked really well, and we ended up with a website that not only looks beautifully designed, but also resonates well with our customers. We are extremely happy with what we achieved with Jones & Bone, and would recommend them
to any business."

Brookstone - Rupert Lee-Uff, Founder & Sales Director

+ Outputs

Logo Design
Printed Collateral and Stationery
Website Design & Build

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