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Small screen design for the
Big Screen audience.

Back to Berlin is a powerful documentary film about the European Maccabi Games (also known as the Jewish Olympics). The film follows a group of 11 bikers, all Holocaust survivors or their descendants as they transport the Maccabiah torch from Tel Aviv to Berlin for the Games in 2015. Their challenging journey throws light on the turbulent history of the Jews in Europe through their own families’ dramatic stories. 

Biker flick meets Holocaust educational documentary
and seeks promotional
visuals to match.

Back to Berlin is an important, affecting, yet above all, entertaining documentary.  This is what we needed to communicate to a wider audience through our logo, poster and other printed collateral design as well as with our complete website redesign and build. Our job was to grab the audience’s attention so that the film makers could tell them their story.

+ Outputs

Logo Redesign
Website Design & Build
Movie Poster
Printed Collateral Design

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